Keynote Lecture: In Search of Robert the Bruce

18 Sep 2017

Autumn Lecture Series: '"And they shall see his face" - In Search of Robert the Bruce'
Dr Martin Macgregor (University of Glasgow) and Mark Roughley (Liverpool John Moores University)

Dr Martin Macgregor (University of Glasgow) and Mark Roughley (LJMU’s Face Lab) discuss their project to carry out a new facial reconstruction of Robert the Bruce using cutting-edge technology. 

Through this exciting project, scientists and historians joined forces to create realistic virtual images of what could be the head of Robert the Bruce, reconstructed from the cast of a human skull held by the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow. 

Join us at our exciting one-off weekend keynote lecture to hear all about the technology used to create this new depiction of Robert the Bruce’s face and gain a unique personal insight into the life and times of Scotland’s hero-king.

Saturday 21st October 2017, 2-4 pm
Tickets £5.00 (all proceeds go towards our Learning Programme) 

For further information or to reserve a ticket, please call 01786 812664 or email

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