Bloody. Brutal. Bannockburn.

Take your place on the battlefield. Stand face-to-face with fearless medieval warriors. Witness two opposing kings – Robert the Bruce and Edward II – whose tactics in 1314 changed the path of Scotland’s history, forever.

Harnessing state-of-the-art 3D technology, visitors can experience medieval combat like never before to learn about this crucial event in Scottish history.

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Prepare for battle! Experience the Battle of Bannockburn in thrilling 3D and take your place in the Battle Room. Entry is by pre-booked time slots. BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL to guarantee entry.

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Robert the Bruce

Inspiring leader

Scotland’s great warrior king, Robert Bruce, was crowned in 1306, soon after murdering his rival for the throne, John Comyn. At first his grip on the country was shaky.

For the next eight years Bruce fought a brutal civil war against his own opponents in Scotland and a guerrilla war of raids and ambushes against occupying English forces. He was careful to avoid full-on confrontations with a far mightier army.

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Edward II

King and leader

Tall, strong and handsome, Edward was king of England and leader of the English army.

Coming to the throne in 1307, he continued his father’s war against Bruce but lacked his father’s political and military skill. He was well trained in all the skills of knightly warfare but his interests lay elsewhere: in hanging out with his friends, boating and swimming.

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Prepare for battle! 700 years after the Battle of Bannockburn, the new Battle of Bannockburn experience puts you right at the heart of the action.

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Watch behind-the-scenes footage of how motion capture technology is being used to bring the Battle of Bannockburn to life for 21st century audiences.

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Sprucing up the Bruce

Adam Bruce, a descendant of Robert Bruce, Scott McMaster and relatives of Pilkington Jackson talk about their delight with the conservation works of the magnificent statue.